A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

We All End Up Alone is a narrative and psychological game where you will live a daily battle without weapons : you will play someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer and will try to make it through.

The game is blending everyday life management and exploration gameplay. You will have to manage your new life during the day by choosing between actions to heal yourself, keep your stress low and your morale high.

When the night comes you will have to explore the dreamlike world of your unconscious and fight your fears or the consequences of your choices. But you will also have to run from the disease and look for a way out to find hope and peace.

Day and night are connected and everything you do will have an impact on the story.

The life of someone fighting cancer is not really easy. You must endure other people's stares and since your treatment weakens you a lot, you have to manage your time and accept the fact that there are things you can't do anymore.

It is also the moment to face the life you have been living. Was I really happy? Did I waste my time? What is the difference between my life and someone else's?

Instead of watching someone else fight, We All End Up Alone invites you to live the experience and fight the disease yourself.

Features :

  • A philosophical journey through a battle without weapons.
  • Originals graphics inspired by Franco-Belgian comics.
  • Daytime part with everyday life management.
  • Immersive dialog system with rich background characters.
  • Night time part set in a dreamlike world with exploration gameplay.
  • Multiple and various dreams to explore.
  • Connected parts (Day & Night), which influence each other.

Presskit : http://weallendupalone.com/presskit/sheet.php?p=we_all_end_up_alone

Game Website : http://weallendupalone.com/

The game is still in development, please follow us for more infos :

Our Website : http://nicepenguins.fr/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Nice_Penguins_

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/NicePenguins/

Install instructions

Updated demos from last exhibitions in Paris (October 2016)


We All End Up Alone - (October 2016) - Windows FR.zip (172 MB)
We All End Up Alone - (October 2016) - Windows EN.zip (172 MB)
We All End Up Alone - (October 2016) - Mac FR.zip (142 MB)
We All End Up Alone - (October 2016) - Mac EN.zip (142 MB)
We All End Up Alone - (October 2016) - Linux FR.zip (153 MB)
We All End Up Alone - (October 2016) - Linux EN.zip (153 MB)


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